Texada Timewarp

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“Thoughts become meaningless, because as soon as a thought appears in your head, it is forgotten, and as a by product of this, time as we know it, comes to a complete stop on the edge of the universe”

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Our authentic Texada Timewarp genetics sold from 1994-1996 were personally gathered from Texada Island, BC by me in 1969. I must admit, I was not the best at breeding marijuana back then in my early 20’s, there just wasn’t so much marijuana growing information around back then. And remember, I was off the Main Land, there was no internet and books were borrowed from the library.

Us Islanders tend to live in a bubble when raised on a small Island. But we sure know our little bubble very well, and breeding marijuana seeds is what we do best.

I did very well breeding Texada Timewarp in ’69 and throughout the 70’s. Then I got interested in other strains. I let the original genetics continue to just grow naturally throught the 80’s and 90’s, as it never needed any attention to survive. In 1994 when my breeding was availble to the public, demand for Texada Timewarp took off. The small plot I had left, just wasn’t keeping up with demand, so in 1996, I went back to Texada Island, but this time I had 30 years of breeding experience to pick out the best parents for some serious breed inhancements.

In the past I have bred this strain as high resin production, stabilized height production, and stabilized THC and Cannabinoids.

I decided to focus on the Timewarp buzz effects and put forth all my remaining efforts on the proper THC and Cannabinoids ratios.

Texada Timewarp doesn’t need outrageously high THC level, it also needs other Cannabinoids which lower its THC levels. What we end up with is a plant that is not always so stable in height, but we gain its desirable Timewarp effects.

Texada Timewarp is a hardy low maintenance outdoor strain. Its genetics are 70% sativa and 30% indica. It grows extremely fast. Its buds taste piney and fruity.

Some seed banks claim it is a clone only strain which is completly false, it grows wild on Texada Island everywhere.


PLANT HEIGHT::  Medium-Medium Tall
THC::  18.9
YIELD::  Varies 400-880 g/m2
GROWS::  Outdoors
STRAIN GENETICS::  70% Sativa / 30% Indica


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THC Test Results



High, Very High

Flowering Times

65-80 Days


Mostly Sativa

Grow Difficulty

Easy / Okay for Novice


Temperate / Continental, Sunny / Mediterranean


Medium, Tall




Pine, Spicy

2 reviews for Texada Timewarp

  1. John Ryan

    Never, ever have I had my thinking so twisted and time distorted, I hated it first but the second and third time i smoked this i found it to be a blast.

  2. anon

    Hi there I just wanted to say I’m really glad I found your site it looks like you guys have some nice varieties to choose from.

    I am mostly insterested in the time warp. My mentor grew the time warp in the sechelt area in the early 80s and 90s so I want to gift him some for nostalgia.

    He had always talked about how great it was. But I also wanted to ask about another strain from back then and wondered if you were the ones behind it.

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