Blue God Bud

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Blue God is the finest selected parents from a Male Blueberry X Female God Bud

A mostly Indica strain, produces a plant with red, purple and finally blue hues, that can cure to a lavender blue. Another very pungent fruity flavor that is enjoyable to smoke.


Short, dense and bushy. The buds are big and hard. Thick dark leaves. The buzz can leave you so stoned you will lose track of time and find it difficult to speak. Easy to grow, but not for first time smokers. This buzz is so intense, you should be a seasoned smoker to handle this high. Outdoors you can get many pounds from a single plant.

Additional information



THC Test Results

25% +



Flowering Times

45-55 Days


Mostly Indica

Grow Difficulty

Easy / Okay for Novice


Temperate / Continental, Sunny / Mediterranean, Cold Mountains


Medium, Short


Average, Low


Blueberries, Fruity, Sugary / Sweet

1 review for Blue God Bud

  1. Sammy in California

    I’ve grown many “blue” strains because they smell and taste so good. I love berry flavors. Blue god bud was a shock to me to find the best blue strain to date from this small old seed bank. Kudos to the breeder.

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